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Frugal Organization: Kids Room

384351_529121797114334_760179246_n 1002379_808889452470899_627636725_n 2014-05-03 10.12.05  Here I have compiled some frugal ideas for managing clutter in one of the clutteriest areas, the kids bedroom. This in my opinion is one of the toughest rooms to organize because kids are messy creatures and some of their toys can be quite awkward to put away or tiny and easily lost (I’m looking at you Barbie.)

384351_529121797114334_760179246_n  First, I began my organizing ordeal with a second hand dresser which I updated with some bright yellow paint (and painted the bed too because it just had to match). This took care of most of the clothing storage in that room. A simple basket on top of the dresser keeps books organized.

1002379_808889452470899_627636725_n In the closet I used a small thrifted bookcase that I painted to match the bedroom furniture. Plastic bins from the dollar store are perfect for storing shoes on the bottom shelf. For the other containers I got a little creative with some cardboard boxes and a coffee can covered in craft paper for some stylish storage for almost no cost.

2014-05-03 10.12.05 Small toys like blocks can be challenging to keep organized so, in this room I’ve used colorful bins from the dollar store keep various sorts of blocks. These come in handy for playtime because you can just grab the one you need without making a huge mess. It also makes picking up easier for the kids because each type of blocks has a basket so it’s a lot less overwhelming for them when they can easily sort and put away their toys.

2014-05-03 10.08.35 Another thing that can be a hassle is hair accessories. Finding the right thing in a bag of jumbled hair ties and barrettes is a nightmare. Getting the kids ready in the morning is hectic enough and having everything you need organized is a huge time and sanity saver for busy parents. To solve this problem I have implemented a tackle box to organize all those little bits and pieces and make my mornings infinitely easier.

2014-05-03 10.32.05 2014-05-03 10.29.55 2014-05-03 10.29.18 Here is a simple (and free!) way to store and organize small items that are easily lost otherwise; baby wipe boxes! These are great for smaller toys, sets of small items (like the tea set), game or puzzle pieces, costume jewelry and accessories for dress-up.

2014-05-03 10.55.08 Last but not least, I had to tackle one of my biggest toy nightmares, Barbies. Soooo many outfits and itty bitty shoes and accessories to try and keep contained. Things were constantly getting lost and mixed up and it made playing with them a bit of a challenge because the kids could never find a matching set of shoes for their dollies and I would inevitably find the missing shoe later on with my own bare feet (ouch!)

2014-05-03 10.52.00 First, the outfits needed a place to go. A small dollar store bin did the trick.

2014-05-03 10.52.10 Next, and my biggest pet peeve, all those tiny shoes and other accessories. Again, I found a great use for a small tackle box to organize all the tiny bits and pieces.

2014-05-03 10.55.08 I used another small basket from the dollar store to organize larger accessories, a big basket to put it all in, and my Barbie nightmare is over!

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